New wireless fire alarm systems combine cost-saving flexibility with fewer parts, providing impressive protection while cutting the failure risk.

This essential protection system that once cost your business significant installation hours and material investment has been reduced to a relatively simple process that only takes about 30 minutes to install in each room. In fact, wireless fire alarm technology is so easy to install and reliable that some businesses even use it as a temporary system for short-term projects.

Outperforming Early Wireless Fire Alarm Technology

Today’s wireless fire alarm technology is a refinement of systems that first appeared in the early 1980s. Modern systems offer a level of reliability that those first systems could not match. Vital improvements in radio transmission for these systems have taken place to avoid interruptions and false alarms. These improvements include giving today’s systems their own dedicated wireless channel so interference from other systems, like radio communication among taxis, no longer occurs.

Poor battery life was another major concern of these early systems. While you must still periodically check and replace batteries on today’s wireless fire alarms, improvements in battery technology have greatly reduced the hassle. This includes the introduction of long-lasting lithium batteries, which boast a minimum of a 12-month lifespan for some smoke detectors.

Here are the benefits your business will see when you choose new wireless fire alarm systems over limited traditional systems that are hardwired:

Increased Safety And Security

The dozens of feet of cable traditional fire alarms rely on make them tremendously vulnerable to damage, and not just during a fire. Rodents may chew through these wires at any time, rendering them useless. Wireless fire alarms don’t rely on a vulnerable external power source.

Outdated, malfunctioning wired fire alarms may even pose a greater threat than no fire alarm system by giving you a false sense of security that may make your staff less diligent in fire prevention. But with a wireless line of fail-proof fire alarms, pests, renovations or an invisible, smoldering blaze will never disrupt these protective devices. Even during a complete power outage, wireless solutions have you protected.

Convenience, Speed Of Installation And Security

As battery-operated solutions, wireless fire alarms offer the fastest, simplest installation. These wireless systems take a fraction of the installation time and don’t require drilling holes through walls, which is particularly important on older buildings like condominiums, hotels and churches. Historical buildings, houses and mansions can also get the fire protection they need without doing irreparable damage to historically significant property. And wireless systems allow you to interconnect existing fire alarms in separate buildings on the same property, like what may be found at a timeshare complex or college campus.

Wireless systems also help eliminate the risk of lightning damage, increasing system security. Because these systems are not connected with wires, they have lightning immunity, meaning a surge can’t travel throughout the system after a strike and damage connected devices. And as the lightning capital of the United States, this lightning immunity is especially valuable to your Florida business.

Cost Savings

With essentially no additional investment in cable hardware, wireless fire alarms save you big costs.When your business chooses a wireless fire alarm system, you’re not surprised with additional material investments you failed to account for.

And it’s not just materials costs you save with wireless solutions. Traditional hardwired systems require two analog telephone lines for monitoring, costing you as much as $1,800 more every year than new wireless systems that don’t require these phone lines. Plus your office doesn’t undergo expensive business interruptions during installation that may slow or completely shut you down, translating to direct cost and business savings you can’t get with outdated traditional systems.

CWSI’s Wireless Fire Technology

Our team at Signature Systems of Florida takes pride in offering the most reliable, advanced line of wireless fire alarm solutions to protect your business. And with the Commercial Wireless Systems International (CWSI) line of wireless fire alarms, you get the quality protection you can trust in. These systems hold the following listings and approvals:

  • UL Listed
  • NFPA Approved
  • CSFM Approved
  • NYFD Approved

Contact our experienced team to see how easy and cost-effective it is to bring the power and safety of a wireless fire alarm system to your business.