Your choices of top quality commercial life safety systems just got greater with our introduction of Digital Monitoring Products’ line of digital protection devices including DMP’s advanced line of burglar alarms and access control systems.

What Does Our Role As DMP Dealers Mean For Your Business?

A true technology leader and the only independently-owned security company manufacturing all products in the U.S., DMP prides itself on delivering security applications that protect your business better and more easily. With Signature Systems’ new role as an authorized DMP dealer, you get access to the following:

  • Easily installed products to cut setup costs and business downtime
  • Intuitive product controls to reduce your training time and technical support
  • Dependable customer support right here in the U.S.
  • Forward and backward compatible devices to integrate with existing products
  • Compact, comprehensive solutions to consolidate controls and save space

Compact, powerful solutions like the DMP keypad touchscreen device combines access, burglary and fire applications into one easily used device. Imagine the time savings, convenience and peace of mind you get by having all your security applications in one location!

Featuring a large 5-inch touchscreen display and carousel menu for shortcut features, this product has a user-friendly design that will instantly feel natural to any smartphone user. As a company with a legacy of pioneering cutting-edge, manageable innovations, the new DMP keypads fit right in with that tradition.

Decades Of Experience Protecting Your Business

With over 35 years of experience in network solutions for centralized security monitoring, DMP has become a recognized network solutions leader in centralized security monitoring for businesses of all sizes and types. If you are considering building renovations or new construction that affects your business security systems, you simply must look at the DMP product line. They’re known for a number of innovations, including:

  • Improved diagnostic features for greater product performance
  • Easily upgraded for systems that grow with technology
  • Better device supervision, including two-way wireless

You can only get the high quality, easily installed and powerful solutions of DMP Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. from authorized dealers like our team at Signature Systems. To learn more about our new partnership with DMP and how you can improve your business security with their advanced line of solutions, contact a Signature Systems specialist.