Do your video surveillance cameras have risky blind spots? If so, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to break in, theft and property loss.

The new 360 degree camera overcomes these vulnerabilities with a fixed dome that offers 360 degree security. With this video recording technology, you get a powerful monitoring tool that eliminates blind spots to give you an unobstructed view that covers the middle of your target, not just the edges.

Perfect for intersecting corridors, this one camera does the work of many traditional surveillance cameras by providing a clear recording down multiple hallways at the same time. New 360 degree camera technology also excels in the retail, hotel and school environments, offering an uninterrupted panoramic view of areas as large as 7,000 square feet.

But the 360 degree camera doesn’t just provide a clear, 5-megapixel image through its fixed dome. It also carries out intelligent video applications like heat mapping, area management and customer analytics.Here are some of the other benefits of this technology that allow you to monitor and protect your assets for 360 degree security:

  • MicroSDHC card allows for days of local storage
  • Compact and designed to resist dust and vandalism
  • Video motion detection and tampering alarm
  • POE supported, reduces installation costs with no extra power cables
  • Multiple views including 360 degree overview, panorama and quad view

Digitally pan, tilt and zoom in on four individually cropped out and dewarped viewing areas. With advanced 360 degree camera technology, you gain unprecedented video surveillance capabilities and control.Contact a Signature Systems specialist to learn more about how this technology gives you more coverage with fewer cameras.